frank zappa

the guitar world according to frank zappa

1987 k7 usa barking pumpkin / guitar world

additional info :

produced by frank zappa

all compositions by frank zappa

side one

  1. sleep dirt  (from "sleep dirt")
  2. friendly little finger  (from "zoot allures")
  3. excerpt from "revised music for guitar and low-budget orchestra"  (from "studio tan", with drum over-dubs)
  4. things that look like meat  (from "guitar", but shorter edit)

side two

  1. down in de dew  (from "lšther")
  2. a solo from heidelberg  (= 'heidelberg' on "one shot deal")
  3. a solo from cologne  (= 'but who was fulcanelli?', from "guitar", longer edit)
  4. a solo from atlanta  (= 'for duane', from "guitar", longer edit)