frank zappa

200 motels

2008 dvd-bootleg ?? wow corporation wow-037

music composed and arranged by frank zappa * story and screenplay by frank zappa
shooting script by tony palmer * characterizations directed by frank zappa
visuals directed by tony palmer

lucy offerall as herself * jimmy carl black as himself & lonesome cowboy burt * martin lickert as jeff * dick barber as the industrial vacuum cleaner * don preston as himself & the monster
ringo starr as larry the dwarf * keith moon as the hot nun * janet ferguson as herself

the royal philharmonic orchestra conducted by elgar howarth * the top score singers conducted by david van asch * phyllis bryn-julson soprano
classical guitar ensemble supervised by john williams

pamela miller as rock & roll interviewer * ruth underwood as herself * judy gridley
motorhead sherwood as himself and also as larry fanoga and the fake lucy
jim pons as voice of the bad conscience

the mothers of invention, as themselves: fz * mark volman (also as the voice of the good conscience) * howard kaylan (also as the voice of jeff, the cartoon) * ian underwood * aynsley dunbar * george duke * theodore bikel as dave and mainly as rence muhammitz

  1. semi-fraudulent / direct-from-hollywood overture
  2. mystery roach
  3. dance of the rock & roll interviewers
  4. this won't take long (just a few questions)
  5. centerville
  6. the sealed tuna bolero
  7. lonesome cowboy burt
  8. magic fingers
  9. the lad searches the night for his newts
  10. the girl wants to fix him some broth
  11. the girl's dream
  12. little green scratchy sweaters & courduroy ponce
  13. a nun suit painted on some old boxes
  14. dental hygiene dilemma
  15. does this kind of life look ineresting to you?
  16. penis dimension
  17. she painted up her face
  18. janet's big dance number
  19. half  a dozen provocative squats
  20. lucy's seductino of a bored violinist
  21. shove it right in
  22. what will this morning bring me this evening?
  23. daddy, daddy, daddy
  24. what will this evening bring me this morning?
  25. mysterioso
  26. dental hygene reprise
  27. strictly genteel
  28. the finale
  29. postlude