frank zappa

tiny is as tiny do

2005 2cd-bootleg japan guitar master 002/003

the 1984/09/17 concert in paris, france

frank zappa, ray white, ike willis, scott thunes, chad wackerman, bobby martin, alan zavod

disc one

  1. zoot allures
  2. band intros
  3. city of tiny lites
  4. you are what you is
  5. mudd club
  6. the meek shall inherit nothing
  7. carolina hardcore ecstasy
  8. advance romance
  9. i'm the slime
  10. joe's garage (cut)
  11. why does it hurt when i pee?

disc two

  1. in france
  2. more trouble every day
  3. penguin in bondage
  4. hot plate heaven at the green hotel
  5. shareleena
  6. let's move to cleveland
  7. the closer you are
  8. no no cherry
  9. cosmik debris
  10. he's so gay
  11. bobby brown
  12. the illinois enema bandit