frank zappa

tengo na minchia tanta

?? cd-bootleg ?? lost rose records lr08

1970/11/14    concert 'fillmore east', nyc, ny, usa

frank zappa: guitar, vocals
ian underwood: keyboards, winds
aynsley dunbar: drums
george duke: keyboard, trombone
jeff simmons: bass, vocals
mark 'flo' volman: vocals
howard 'eddie' kaylan: vocals

part one:

  1. intro
  2. uncle meat
  3. 9 types of industrial pollution
  4. uncle meat (including 'zolar czakl')
  5. interlude (including 'raindrops keep falling on my head')
  6. sharleena

part two

  1. the sanzini brothers
  2. what will this evening bring me this morning?
  3. what kind of girls do you think we are?
  4. bwana dik
  5. latex solar beef
  6. daddy, daddy, daddy

part three

  1. little house i used to live in (including 'penis dimension')
  2. would you like a snack?
  3. holiday in berlin, full blown (guitar solo by fz)
  4. cruising for burgers