frank zappa

the lost solos

2003 3cd-bootleg ger moustache's magic music mmm-03-24/25/26


disc one: the lost solos

  1. vile and pernicious
  2. jelly bean etiquette
  3. sound that only dogs can hear
  4. don't look at the sun
  5. acetylene nirwana
  6. ten long years
  7. joey psychotic
  8. twinkle tits
  9. ageerk alodnos
  10. where there are now?
  11. nightly little big sky sound sculpture
  12. three eyes open
  13. we don't know that song
  14. we da best!
  15. tiny do
  16. baron van vloerbedekkening
  17. the bus strut torture test
  18. their own secret language
  19. when at the whiskey
  20. briefcase blues
  21. outrage at chappanquidick
  22. imaginary guitar notes
  23. the soul of a lemontree
  24. return of the son of the son of alto wah
  25. artificial animal cracker

disc two: the son of the lost solos

  1. and to continue now...
  2. it's just an unflattering angle
  3. euro law reality
  4. makes it's own sauce!
  5. cat's nightmare
  6. metropolis
  7. the dissimilar guest
  8. promiscuity's finest hour
  9. 1st on the bill, carved up the hill
  10. peering into dark water
  11. no smoking on trailways
  12. trick or treat
  13. may snap shut on closed minds
  14. spontaneous combustion
  15. under the shitting oyster
  16. in the memory of han preston blisterfeld
  17. look at me go!
  18. the 4th lie
  19. hageerk olodnab
  20. girl with the laminated resume
  21. blue bag kenyons
  22. caked crab refletions
  23. epson sauce
  24. stones been chokin'
  25. the virgin judy
  26. fifty-nine morgan

disc three: the return of the son of the lost solos

  1. did any body dance?
  2. little tiny auto horns
  3. ornate punctuation
  4. the dangerous kitsch
  5. don't go for help, no one will need you
  6. phony wheel guards
  7. tall, dark and repulsive
  8. the point's in my eye
  9. cavett
  10. never smoke in pajamas
  11. deep street driver
  12. funny, rolling stone didn't mention this
  13. did i have a motor
  14. one bound down
  15. two apes meet, fall in love and mate
  16. you can see it anytime
  17. opened 3 of his eyes in the food stamp line
  18. watch at the pestle go mortar
  19. green honker croaking
  20. i ain't the type for begging
  21. tumershi inbetween
  22. the girl that pretented to like me
  23. directions without words
  24. electric boot-chain puller
  25. rat tamogo