frank zappa


2006 cd-bootleg germany amt production

this album is a rerelease of  the "live in hollywood" bootleg.
200 copies of the same disc, but with a different cover

1984/07/21 concert hollywood, ca, usa
f.zappa, r.white, i.williss.thunes, c.wackermann.m.brock, r.martin, a.zavod

  1. montana
  2. easy meat
  3. carolina hardcore ecstasy
  4. advance romance
  5. he's so gay
  6. bobby brown
  7. keep it greasey
  8. honey don't you want a man like me?
  9. carol you fool
  10. keegah bandolo  (let's move to cleveland)
  11. tinseltown rebellion
  12. oh no
  13. trouble every day
  14. zappa contacts audience
  15. improvisations
  16. the closer you are