frank zappa

his-story # 1

2005 cd-bootleg ?? sn*wball entertainment fz 1 a/b


disc one

  1. ray collins: deseri (fz on drums)

  2. ned & nelda: hey nelda

  3. ned & nelda: surf along

  4. the hollywood pursuaders: grunion run

  5. the rotations: heavies

  6. burt ward: boy wonder, i love you

  7. burt ward: orange colored sky

  8. hungry freaks daddy (mothermania)

  9. who are the brain police? (mothermania)

  10. how could i be such a fool? (single)

  11. you didn't try to call me (old masters)

  12. you're probably wondering why i'm here (mothermania)

  13. trouble every day (uk single)

  14. it can't happen here (mothermania)

  15. call any vegetable (mothermania)

  16. why don'tcha do me right? ("trick or treat" lp)

  17. remington electric razor radio spot

  18. who needs the peace corps? (demo)

  19. mom and dad (demo)

  20. harry, you're a beast (demo)

  21. what's the ugliest part of your body? (demo)

  22. the idiot bastard son (mothermania)

  23. mother people (mothermania)

  24. lonely little girl (new)

  25. lumpy gravy excerpt (transparency edit)

  26. sink trap (acetate)

  27. gypsy airs (acetate)

  28. jelly roll gum drop (45 version)

  29. stuff up the cracks (old masters)

disc two

  1. my guitar (unedited single)

  2. uncle meat radio spot - medley

  3. dog breath (single version)

  4. genes (old masters)

  5. hot rats radio spots - peaches en regalia

  6. peaches en regalie (old masters)

  7. willie the pimp (old masters)

  8. son of genes (old masters)

  9. hot rats radio spots - little umbrellas

  10. the gumbo variations (old masters)

  11. it must be a camel (old masters)

  12. hot rats radio spots - the gumbo variations

  13. bognor regis (outtake)

  14. theme from burnt weeny sandwich (demo)

  15. do it now radio spot - suzy speedfreak

  16. weasels ripped my flesh radio spot no.3

  17. didja get any onya? (old masters)

  18. prelude to the afternoon of a sexually aroused gas mask (old masters)

  19. weasels ripped my flesh radio spot no.4

  20. my guitar wants to kill your mama (old masters)