frank zappa

don't you want a man like me?

2006 2cd-bootleg japan howard carter

1976/10/24 - early show - concert 'boston music hall', boston, ma, usa

frank zappa, ray white, patrick o'hearn, terry bozzio, eddit jobson, bianca odin thornton

disc one

  1. intro (the purple lagoon)
  2. stinkfoot
  3. poodle lecture
  4. dirty love
  5. wind up workin' in a gas station
  6. tryin' to grow a chin
  7. the torture never stops
  8. city of tiny lites
  9. you didn't try to call me
  10. manx needs women
  11. titties and beer

disc two

  1. black napkins
  2. advanc romance (incl.'inna-gadda-da-poodle')
  3. honey, don't you want a man like me?
  4. rudy wantz to buy yuz a drink
  5. dinah-moe-humm
  6. the purple lagoon