frank zappa

black napkins

?? 2cd-bootleg ?? za 34/35

1976/02/04 concert kyoto, japan

frank zappa, roy estrada, terry bozzio, napoleon murphy brock and andre lewis

disc one

  1. intro

  2. stinkfoot

  3. dirty love

  4. filthy habits

  5. how could i be such a fool?
    ain't got no heart
    i'm not satisfied

  6. black napkins

  7. advance romance

  8. honey don't you want a man like me?

disc two

  1. the illinois enema bandit

  2. wind up workin' in a gas station

  3. tryin' to grow a chin

  4. the torture never stops

  5. chunga's revenge

  6. zoot allures (incl. ms. pinky)

  7. dinah-moe humm