frank zappa fanzine: mothers home journal
(19?? - 19??, usa, ?? issues)

published Craig and Madelaine Pinkus in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

issue 1 - 7

mother's home journal no.3

Published in July 1972.

The issue:

  • a chart of who plays on what Zappa albums
  • the Zappa part of John & Yoko's Some Time In New York City album
  • Urban Gwerder's tale of discovering the Mothers
  • "Zappa Is Dead"

mother's home journal no.5

published in September 1972, the cover MHJ V features Aaron Zappa Bennett Pinkus.
He's Craig and Madelaine's son.
9 pages

Further in this issue:

  • editorial
  • RIP Richard Roun Bennett
  • Frank Zappa Quotes
  • David Walley on "No Commercial Potential"
  • Biblio: Tracing the Trajectory of the Grand Wazoo

mother's home journal no.6

published in March / April 1973. 12 pages

The issue:

  • "Calm Yourself, Pinkus"
    (on tour with The Mothers Of Invention)
  • "... since the last issue..."

mother's home journal no.7

published in October 1973. 10 pages

The issue:

  • "What Took Me So Long Anyway"
  • "Bingham on Varese on Varese"
  • "Crawlingstone Circusion"
  • "Over-Nite Sensation"
  • "A Special Report On a Convocation of the United Maniacs"