frank zappa fanzine: zapparition
(1990 - 1994, czech republic, 3 (?) issues)

issue 3

zapparition no.3 - 1994

this issue includes the Grandmothers' Prague interview, from 1994/09/24

Bohous adds:

ZAPPARITION was made in Prague around 1990-1994 by "Spolecnost pratel pana Honkera" (Jan Kopp and Roman Smid).
It´s very hard to find these magazines, but here is the cover of the 3rd number with big The Grandmothers Prague´s interview, from their Prague concert in 24.September 1994.
We used this interview also in our Zappostrohe fanzine.
I think they made 3 - 5 numbers of Zapparition. They also made the Czech version of Zappa´s REAL BOOK.