zappa / mothers

tengo na minchia tanta

1991 cd usa rhino foo-eee records r2 71018

additional info :

1970/11/13 fillmore east, nyc
frank zappa, flo & eddie (mark volman & howard kaylan), jeff simmonsaysnley dunbarian underwoodgeorge duke

  1. does this kind of life look interesting to you?
  2. a pound for a brown (on the bus)
  3. sleeping in a jar (with extensions)
  4. sharleena
  5. the sanzini brothers
  6. what will this morning bring me this evening?
  7. what kind of girl do you  think we are?
  8. bwana dik
  9. latex solar beef
  10. daddy, daddy, daddy
  11. little house i used to live in
  12. holiday in berlin
  13. inca roads / easy meat
  14. cruising for burgers