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Jazz pianist Allan Zavod was part of Frank Zappa's band in 1984. An Australian whose father - Edward Zavod - was a violinist, Zavod was classically trained on piano, and at the age of twelve he was taken on the road to the United States as his father's accompanist. He studied at the Melbourne Conservatorium Of Music and Berklee College Of Music in Boston. Upon graduation, he began his professional career in New York - in the early 1970s as a big band pianist, working with the Glenn Miller Orchestra, Woody Herman, Mike Gibbs and Gary Burton, Maynard Ferguson, and the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra, joining Jean-Luc Ponty in 1976. he remained with ponty for eight years.

More recently he has been writing lots of film scores, but he has been witnessed performing with the Zappa Instrumentaale as well.

Allan Zavod passed away on Nov 28, 2016.



random notes / biography
    (by geoff wills, 2002)



  mike gibbs / gary burton: in the public interest
    (1973, lp, usa, polydor 6503) - feat. alan zavod
  maynard ferguson orchestra: chameleon
    (1974, lp, usa, col kc33007) - feat. alan zavod
  new york mary: new york mary
    (1975, lp, usa, arista al1019) - feat. alan zavod
  billy cobham: life and times
    (1976, lp, usa, atl sd18166) - feat. allan zavod and george duke
  jean-luc ponty: imaginary voyage  (11)
    (1976, lp, usa,
atl(eu)w50317 ) - feat.allan zavod, tom fowler
  jean-luc ponty: enigmatic ocean  (12)
    (1977, lp, usa, 
atlantic w50409 ) - feat. allan zavod
  sonny fortune: infinity
    (1978, lp, usa, atl sd 19187) - feat. allan zavod
  jean-luc ponty: cosmic messenger  (13)
    (1978, lp, usa, 
atl w50505 ) - feat. allan zavod
  jean-luc ponty: live  (14)
    (1979, lp, usa, atl sd19229 ) - feat. allan zavod
  jean-luc ponty: a taste for passion  (15)
    (1979, lp, usa, atl w50666 ) - feat. allan zavod
  1980 jean-luc ponty- civilized evil
  allan zavod: what's new
    (1980, lp, australia, jazznote)
  sarde, cliff- every bit better (synthesizer, keyboards)


frank zappa: does humour belong in music?
   (1986, cd, ger, emi)

  frank zappa: the guitar world according to frank zappa
    (1987, mc, usa, ??)


frank zappa: guitar
   (1988, 2cd, usa, ryko)

51 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.1
   (1988, 2cd, usa, ryko)

54 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.3
   (1989, 2cd, usa, ryko)


frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.4
   (1991, 2cd, usa, ryko)  
59 frank zappa: you can't do that on stage anymore vol.6
   (1992, 2cd, usa, ryko)
  allan zavod: ballade for ania
    (1994, cd, australia, move digital)


frank zappa: have i offended someone?
   (1997, cd, usa, ryko)

  endel rivers: hardbite
    (2002, cd, ??, ??) - feat. allan zavod

endel_rivers_hardbite.jpg (30033 bytes)


frank zappa: trance-fusion
    (2006, cd, usa, zappa records)



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