youngblood brass band

- feat. ike willis

2000 cd usa private release


  moses: bass drum, vocals
  ben mcintosh: trombone, vocals
  carl bartsch: tenor saxophone
  the warrior (nat mcintosh): sousaphone
  mike boman: trumpet
  the joe goltz 6000: trombone
  josh smith: trumpet
  charles wagner: trumpet
  d-cipher (dave henzie-skogen): snare drum, mc, leader
  ike willis: vocals 4
  mike ladd  8
  dj skooly  9
  talib kweli  11

  1. bloodshot (n.mcintosh, d.skogen)

  2. acousticon theme (n.mcintosh, d.skogen)

  3. human nature (Madonna, dave hall, s.mckenzie, m.deering, n.mcintosh)

  4. something (n.mcinthosh)

  5. da bomba (b.mcintosh)

  6. the warrior comes out to play (n.mcinthosh)

  7. pastime paradise (s.wonder, n.mcintosh, d.skogen)

  8. peace (n.mcintosh, m.ladd)

  9. the trilogy vs. dj skooly

  10. from now on (n.mcintosh)

  11. y'all stay up (n.mcintosh,

  12. it's all over (n.mcinthosh)

  13. chinatown (traditional, n.mcintosh)