philippe ansari

worlds beyond cause

1997 cd uk cydonia records

recorded between september 1995 and march 1996

philippe ansari (phi yaan-zek): guitar, bass, percussion, keyboard, voices, programming and sound effects
nathan doyle: additional drum machine programming on (8)
sophia ansari: voices
andy banks: balinese field recordings

recorded, mixed and produced by philippe ansari

  1. openscape

  2. mindful of insects

  3. worlds beyond cause

  4. flesh haunting flesh

  5. why suffer?

  6. targean warg strangler

  7. transience

  8. schisms

  9. on the fringes...

  10. world haunting world

  11. brainwash

  12. 6equj5

  13. the lonely city

  14. and the sky full of stars