phi yaan-zek

solar flare

2005 cd uk geomagnetic records

  phi yaan-zek: guitars
  lalle larsson: keyboards
  fabio trentini: bass
  marco minnemann: drums & percussion
  bumblefoot: fretless guitar solos
  peter stacey: saxophones & flute
  brian gulland: bassoon & glockenspiel
  maggie tomkins: accordion
  anarion macintosh: didgeridoo
  missy: vocals
  zak haipney: trumpet and hand claps
  kerry mckenna: background vocals
  andy banks: frame drum
  oliver oakenshield and ilhaam selih: answerphones


  1. solar flare

  2. hyperspatial

  3. high

  4. out in the boonies

  5. so far away

  6. i phi

  7. psychometamorph

  8. little space creatures

  9. grasshopper medicine

  10. passion reborn

  11. solar reprise