phi yaan-zek with marco minnemann

dance with the anima

2010 cd ?? age of wonder

"being a release in the 'normalizer 2' series, wherein marco minnemann provides the same album-length drum improvisation to different artists and invites them to compose music for it."

  marco minnemann: drums
  lalle larsson: keyboards
  phi yaan-zek: all guitars, bass, additional (easy) keyboards, percussion, chants, voices & primal screams
  ola olsson: trumpets & flugelhorns
  gary compton: harmonica & additional primal screams
  amandine ferrari: choral vocals
  the elves of richmond park: additional vocals


  1. adventures in myth

  2. midnight tryst

  3. ecstasies of the starlight self

  4. lallejee's animatronics

  5. inamorata in peril - part one

  6. dirt under the fingernails

  7. twisted to the 7th degree off starboard

  8. four daughters of phrygia

  9. inner constellations of feeling

  10. melodies of me

  11. mariana's guide to the deep

  12. signposts

  13. dance with the anima

  14. the tactile ones

  15. synchro-gnostic mirrorball gyrations

  16. melodies of me too

  17. jade fluid

  18. maid with spanish fly

  19. precipices

  20. inamorata in peril - part two

  21. flirting with intensity

  22. a healing of shattered hearts