wizards of twiddly

man made self

1994 cd uk fracture for pleasure ffp cd 002


  carl bowry: guitars
  andrew delamere: drums, vocals
  andrew frizell: vocals, bass, alto saxophone, trombone, flute
  simon james: vocals, flute, tenor saxophone
  martin smith: trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, vocal


  1. make 'em smile
  2. incapable of clear thought
  3. the blob
  4. your knife in their glands
  5. herods creche
  6. septic tank
  7. hollywood lies
  8. large geographical features
  9. schnuzola baby
  10. man made self
  11. jazz ian
  12. young man motorway
  13. anti-septic tank
  14. because it's there
  15. murder most foul
  16. abnormal man