wizards of twiddly

independent legs

1992 cd ukl fracture for pleasure cd ffp001


  carl bowry: guitars, backing vocals
  andrew delamere: drums, backing vocals
  andrew frizell: lead, backing vocals, bass, alto saxophone, trombone, piano
  simon james: lead, backing vocals, flute, tenor saxophone
  keith lancaster: lead vocal, backing vocals, underwater trumpet
  martin smith: trumpet, backing vocals
  jane dickens: vocals  5


  1. independent legs
  2. clunksville
  3. my sore head
  4. great big car
  5. things that happen in the sea
  6. mr know all
  7. armitage shanks
  8. errols last supper
  9. ticklewolf #2
  10. sex, drugs + morris dancing
  11. heavy plant crossing
  12. corks
  13. inarticulated lorry
  14. shocks, tyres + exhausts
  15. eye of the potato
  16. insert your own nonsense... ... here