whipped cream

tune in the century
    - incl. 'tune in the century' (van vliet, ingber)

???? cd sweden snap 3

j. cremonese: vocal & guitar
elisabeth punzi: vocal & guitar
j. sonesson: bass
l. grimelund: drums

  1. yes (grimelund, cremonese)
  2. tune in the century (j. cremonese)
  3. silver part 3 (j. cremonese)
  4. wait for a minute (cremonese, grimelund, sonesson)
  5. lay down beside (j. cremonese)
  6. give away (j. cremonese)
  7. sensational (j. cremonese)
  8. virtuously (j. cremonese)
  9. observatory crest (don van vliet, elliot ingber)
  10. up the country (j. cremonese)
  11. come & find (j. cremonese)
  12. beyond the sun (j. cremonese)