paul wertico's mid-east / mid-west alliance

impressions of a city

2009 cd usa chicago sessions css01v10

recorded june 17 & 18, 2009 at studiomedia recording company, evanston, il, usa

paul wertico: drums
john moulder: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, fretless guitar
brian peters: electric bass, duduk, shvi, soundscapes, synthesizer, violin, piano
dani rabin: electric guitar, looping, prepared guitar, slides
danny markovitch: electric soprano / tenor saxophones

produced by paul wertico

  1. a light too soon
  2. what should i wear today
  3. bumper to bumper
  4. late again
  5. beauty wherever you can find it
  6. the boss needs to see you
  7. 15 minutes for lunch
  8. i probably shouldn't have done that
  9. the inside track
  10. a chance to breathe
  11. lake fish flowers
  12. my side of the story
  13. word salad
  14. closing the deal
  15. drive at five
  16. reflectins on the day
  17. i think i'm hungry
  18. good night and good luck