the west coast pop art experimental band

part one
    – incl. ‘help, i'm a rock’ (frank zappa)

2001 cd uk sundazed sc 6173

this is a re-release of the 1967 album, with two bonus tracks

michael lloyd: vocals, guitar
dennis lambert: rhythm guitar
shaun harris: bass
danny belsky: drums

produced by bob markley and jimmy bowen

  1. shifting sands (knight)

  2. i won't hurt you (harris/lloyd/markley)

  3. 1906 (markley/morgan)

  4. help, i'm a rock (zappa)

  5. will you walk with me (harris)

  6. transparent day (harris/markley)

  7. leiyla (harris/markley)

  8. here's where you belong (sloan)

  9. if you want this love (knight)

  10. 'scuse me, miss rose (johnston)

  11. high coin (van dyke parks)
  12. help, i'm a rock (zappa)  (single mix)
  13. transparent day (harris/markley)  (single mix)