tom waits

used songs

2001 cd usa elektra entertainment / rhino 8122-78351-2

= compilation album from the asylum albums

all songs written by tom waits

  1. heartattack and vine

  2. eggs and sausage (in a cadillac with susan michelson)

  3. a sight for sore eyes

  4. whistlin' past the graveyard

  5. burma shave

  6. step right up

  7. ol' '55

  8. i never talk to strangers (with bette midler)

  9. mr. siegal

  10. jersey girl

  11. christmas card from a hooker in minneapolis

  12. blue valentine

  13. (looking for) the heart of saturday night

  14. muriel

  15. wrong side of the road

  16. tom traubert's blues (four sheets to the wind in copenhagen)