tom waits

nighthawks at the diner

1975 lp usa asylum records


recorded live in hollywood, july 1975

tom waits: vocals, piano
mike melvoin: piano
pete christlieb: tenor sax
jim hughart: upright bass
bill goodwin: drums

cd design: cal chenkel

produced by bones howe

  1. (opening intro)
  2. emotional weather report
  3. (intro)
  4. on a foggy night
  5. (intro)
  6. eggs and sausage
    (in a cadillac with susan michelson)
  7. (intro)
  8. better off without a wife
  9. nighthawk postcards
    (from easy street)
  10. (intro)
  11. warm beer and cold women
  12. (intro)
  13. putnam county
  14. spare parts I
    (a nocturnal emission)
  15. nobody
  16. (intro)
  17. big joe and phantom 309
  18. spare parts II and closing