tom waits

glitter & doom live

2009 cd usa anti


tom waits: vocal,, guitar, piano
vincent henry: woodwinds,  harmonica, saxes,guitar
omar torez: guitar, cigar box banjo, mandolin
casey waits: drums, percussion
sullivan waits: sax clarinet
patrick warren: piano, reed organ, chamberlain, melotron
seth ford-young: upright bass

disc one

  1. lucinda - ain't goin down
  2. singapore
  3. get behind the mule
  4. fannin street
  5. dirt in the ground
  6. such a scream live circus
  7. goin' out west
  8. falling down
  9. the part you throw away
  10. trampled rose
  11. metropolitan glide
  12. i'll shoot the moon
  13. green grass
  14. make it rain
  15. story
  16. lucky day

disc two

  1. tom tales