tom waits

big time

1988 cd usa island 

recorded in concert

tom waits: lead vocals, piano, guitar, organ, percussion
marc ribot: lead guitar, banjo, trumpet
greg cohen: electric bass, basstarda, alto horn
ralph carney: saxophone, clarinets, baritone horn
willy schwarz: accordion, hammond organ, sitar, conga
michael blair: drums, percussion, bongos, brake drum
fred tackett: guitar  8
larry taylor: double bass  8
richie hayward: drums  8

produced by tom waits and kathleen brennan 

all compositions by tom waits, except where noted

  1. 16 shells from a thirty-ought-six
  2. red shoes
  3. uhderground
  4. cold cold ground
  5. straight to the top  (tom waits, greg cohen)
  6. yesterday is here  (tom waits, kathleen brennan)
  7. way down in the hole
  8. falling down
  9. strange weather  (tom waits, kathleen brennan)
  10. big black nariah
  11. rain dogs
  12. train song
  13. johnsburg, illinois
  14. rugy's arms
  15. telephone call from istanbul
  16. clap hands
  17. gun street girl
  18. time