steven wilson

hand. cannot. erase.
- feat. marco minnemann, guthrie govan, chad wackerman

2015 2cd+dvd+blu-ray / in hardcover book poland kskope522

this edition includes the "hand. cannot, erase." album cd, original demos cd (exclusive to this edition and including music that did not make the final album), the blu-ray containing hi resolution stereo & 5.1 audio (96/24 5.1 lpcm & dts-hd master audio 5.1), seven additional alternative versions, mixes & radio edits, 30 minute studio documentary, studio sessions photo gallery and a dvd-v containing stereo & 5.1 audio (dts 96/24 5.1 & 96/24 stereo lpcm),
in a 96-page case-bound book.

recorded in london, uk

steven wilson: vocals, guitar, keyboards, mellotron, banjo
adam holzman: keyboards
marco minnemann: drums
guthrie govan: guitar
nick beggs: bass guitar, stick, backing vocals
ninet tayeb: vocals
theo travis: saxophone, flute, clarinet, keyboards
dave gregory: guitar
chad wackerman: drums
katherine jenkins
the london session orchestra
the cardinal vaughan memorial school choir

artwork by lasse hoile (photography), hajo mueller (illustrations) and carl glover (design)

written, produced and mixed by steven wilson

cd 1 : "hand. cannot. erase."

  1. first regret

  2. 3 years older

  3. hand cannot erase

  4. perfect life

  5. routine

  6. home invasion

  7. regret #9

  8. transience

  9. ancestral

  10. happy returns

  11. ascendant here on...

cd 2 : extras

  1. first regret (demo)

  2. 3 years older (demo)

  3. hand cannot erase (demo)

  4. routine (demo)

  5. key of skeleton (demo)

  6. ancestral (demo)

  7. happy returns (demo)

  8. last regret (demo)

blu-ray : album + bonus material