peter wolf

the other side

2003 cd austria universal

peter wolf
jeff richman
gerald albright
stephan erdody
vinnie colaiuta
jeff beal
michelle wolf
kirk whalum
abe laboriel
dave weckl
the bruckner orchestra
alex birnie of the vienna boys choir
members of the munich symphony
the "l.a. all start" orchestra
the munich chamber orchestra

  1. an introverted sports event
  2. my friend jason
  3. scherzo
  4. sunday night live
  5. the dawning of eric
  6. andante cantabile
  7. i remember rod
  8. my sports heroes
  9. magic of black
  10. largo maestoso
  11. pigeons in metropolis
  12. deeper than that
  13. the old days
  14. cantate
  15. bookends of darkness
  16. the windup