kenny williams

1961 - 1962  session frank zappa + ronnie & kenny williams

Kenny, along with his brother Ronnie Williams, and Jim Sherwood, engaged in some unusual pastimes which were eventually immortalized in the song 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black', in 1968. It would not be until 1996 that the source recordings of these hobbies were released in


frank zappa: the lost episodes
   (1996, cd, usa, ryko)

It's also explained in explicit detail by Zappa in his autobiography.
In the song 'Let's Make The Water Turn Black' the lyrics mention that Kenny was taking pills. That was '68. An email from his cousin's son says that Kenny unfortunately died of an overdose sometime in the 70's.

info by patrick neve:
Besides that, all I could find on Kenny Williams were a few recording and acting credits. I'd be surprised if this is the same Kenny Williams, but until I can deny that they are one and the same, here is the discography.  (sources: amg and imdb) I remain skeptical that this is the same Kenny. The reason I'm including it is because the all music guide is generally quite reliable, and they listed "The Lost Episodes" appearance right along the others. If true, this would prove to be a rather active vocalist who has been seriously overlooked by the FZ community. If anyone reading has any insight as to the possibility of multiple Kenny Williams, I'd appreciate the feedback. In the meantime, it has been brought to light that a certain unrelated Kenny Williams used to play with Sun Ra. Thanks to the research efforts of Charles Ulrich and Graham Connah, the Kenny Williams associated with Sun Ra was definitely black, where the Kenny depicted in "Let's Make The Water Turn Black" was white.


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