gary wright

first signs of life

1995 cd usa triloka

    (2007, cd+dvd, usa, evangeline) = with bonus dvd

recorded in rio de janeiro, brazil, and los angeles, usa

gary wright: vocals, keyboards
ayo adeyemi: vocals, percussion
ricardo silviera: guitar
bernhardt locker: guitar
steve farris: guitar
jimmy haslip: bass
marlon klein: drums, percussion
terry bozzio: drums
trichur mohan: percussion
t.h. vinayakaram: percussion
george harrison: background vocals

produced by franz push, gary wright, marlon klein & george landress

  1. kani fe
  2. better get up and go
  3. arawa
  4. rio amazonas
  5. oh shu ba
  6. don't try to own me
  7. olua
  8. bo bo wa
  9. rio amazonas part 2
  10. twilight