kevin ayers & the wizards of twiddly

turn the lights down!

2000 cd uk market square music msmcd105

recorded live at the waterman's arts centre, west london, march 10, 1995

kevin ayers: vocals, guitar
carl bowry: guitar, vocal
andy delamere: drums, vocals
andy frizell: vocals, bass
simon james: vocals, flute, tenor saxophone, keyboard
martin smith: trumpet, horn, vocal


  1. there goes johnny
  2. see you later
  3. didn't feel lonely 'till i thought of you
  4. when your parents go to sleep
  5. lady rachel
  6. super salesman
  7. am i really marcel?
  8. everybody's sometime and some people's all the time blues
  9. beware of the dog II
  10. ballad of mr snake
  11. may i?
  12. why are we sleeping
  13. stranger in blue suede shoes