various artists

zappanale 12
     incl. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

2002 cd ger arf society (limited edition of 500 copies)
- two different covers have been used !!

recorded in bad doberan, 2001/07/27 & 2001/07/28, at the "zappanale no.12" festival

famous black house
things that look like meat
chris der berg zappamania project
blessed relief
die beistelltische
beat the boots
children of invention

 produced by jos schoone

  1. famous black house: zoot allures

  2. famous black house: filthy habits

  3. famous black house: blessed relief

  4. famous black house: motherly love

  5. famous black house: eat that question

  6. things that look like meat: sexual harassment in the workplace

  7. things that look like meat: chunga's revenge

  8. chris der berg zappamania project: cruisin' for burgers

  9. chris der berg zappamania project: sofa

  10. chris der berg zappamania project: black page

  11. blessed relief: uncle meat - improvisation on main theme

  12. blessed relief: orange county lumber truck

  13. die beistelltische: dumb all over

  14. die beistelltische: promiscuous

  15. beat the boots: yo mama

  16. beat the boots: why does it hurt when i pee? - dog breath

  17. beat the boots: black napkins

  18. children of invention: flower punk

  19. children of invention: florentine pogen

  20. children of invention: let's make the water turn black