various artists

would you like a snack?
    - all zappa coverversions

2021 cd uk cordelia records

compiled by andrew greenaway

  1. fraz knapp fusion project: 200 messy motels overture / fully fraudulent
  2. mike kidson: mystery roach
  3. z.e.r.o.: what's the name of your group
  4. johnny hawk & the pavement oysters: would you like a snack?
  5. burger & the beast: lonesome cowboy burt
  6. aunty owl: dew on the newts we got
  7. hakan tuna: she painted up her face / janet's big dance number / half a dozen provocative squats
  8. valentina ciardelli: mysterioso
  9. london zappa collective: shove it right in
  10. aunty owl: lucy seduction of a bored violinist & postlude
  11. treacherous cretins: what will this evening bring me this morning?
  12. aunty owl: a nun suit painted on some old boxes
  13. turbulator: magic fingers
  14. dan spanner: daddy, daddy, daddy
  15. hans annellsson & mats öberg: penisens storlek
  16. aunty owl: little green scratchy sweaters & courduroy ponce
  17. fred händl: strictly genteel
  18. muffin men: squats medley (slight return)