various artists

the residents unmasked!

???? 3k7 usa ecto tapes

compiled by ???

all compositions by the residents

tape 1 side A

  1. smithism: hello skinny
  2. x-ray pop: constantinople
  3. steven clark: santa dog (4 variations)
    1. disco dog
    2. funky dog
    3. honky dog
    4. beyond the valley of a dog in the life
  4. mike shannon: skratz
  5. big city orchestra: beyond the valley: the residents play big city orchestra

 tape 1 side B

  1. mirk hanley: living in vain
  2. theatre of ice: semolina
  3. b x 3: festival of death
  4. field trip: smelly tongues
  5. herd of the ether space: happy home
  6. the guilt: the booker tease
  7. teen lesbians & animals: times up
  8. margaret freeman: smash your lips, crash your teeth

tape 2 side A

  1. sin city disciples: hello skinny
  2. ism: constantinople, blue rosebuds medley
  3. paul petroskey: weight lifting lulu
  4. swinging love corpses: weight lifting lulu
  5. regicide bureau: laughing song, godsong
  6. ing: smelly tongues
  7. the simulacra: the electrocutioner
  8. gobi little dove: perfect love

tape 2 side B

  1. snakefinger: smelly tongues (live, boarding house s.f. 9/11/79)
  2. the bill jones show: semolina, the sleeper
  3. the buds: the new hymn
  4. mutleht: ships-a-goin' down
  5. plastic eye miracle: hard and tenderly, loss of innocence
  6. thee temple ov noize: god in three poisons

tape 3 side A

  1. tom bruny: intro / something devilish
  2. mile 97: hello skinny
  3. powhite trash: constantinople
  4. machine maid man: constantinople
  5. the burning buddhists: rusty coathangers for the doctor
  6. shockheaded peters: blue rosebuds
  7. warmth: hard and tenderly / devotion
  8. field trip & eel o: hooked on residents

tape 3 side B

  1. murray the cop: mahogany wood
  2. duh resadunce: easter woman
  3. sockeye: godsong (live 1988)
  4. volkswhale: duck stab [the album in 1:37]
  5. occupant: sinister exaggeration
  6. cervis: laughing song
  7. fallaheen: excerpts from vileness fats
  8. spontaneous acid: the knife fight