various artists

neon meate dream of a octafish
    - a beefheart tribute album, also including 'willie, the pimp (fz)

2003 cd usa animal world recordings awr020

all compositions by don van vliet, except where noted

  1. mike watt: drity blue gene

  2. weasel walter: flash gordon's ape

  3. a warm palindrome: orange claw hammer

  4. racebannon: electricity

  5. miss murgatroid: neon meate dream of a octafish

  6. monotract: ink mathematics

  7. trumans water: hair pie: bake 2

  8. dacaer pinga and black alaska: bad ronald baked a wooden hairpie, and no one would eat it, not even old whale waist seymour

  9. jad fair with daisy cooper: too much time

  10. nel aspinal: sugar 'n spikes

  11. ortho: apes ma

  12. brian mcmahon: i got love on my mind

  13. bright: korn ring finger

  14. moy: yellow brick road

  15. azalia snail: abba zabba

  16. don fleming: three months in the mirror

  17. 25 suaves: dachau blues

  18. vig esp: willie the pimp (frank zappa)

  19. old time relijun: wild life

  20. dapper: beatle bones 'n smokin' stones