various artists

lost meat - 100% zappa rareness
    - various artists playing frank zappa compositions

2019 cd uk cordelia records

9th cd in the cordelia zappa tribute series

compiled by andrew greenaway

artwork by art for dinosaurs

  1. the kettering vampires: waltz
  2. mick zeuner's rubber band: cookin' turnips
  3. z.e.r.o. feat. craig steward, prairie prince and sandro oliva: grunion run
  4. fuchsprellen: if i could only be your love again
  5. treacherous cretins: solitude
  6. the vegetarians: touch me there
  7. turbulator: no more mr. nice girl
  8. aunty owl: knee deep in heaters
  9. gabby zappa hey! : masked grandma
  10. fred händl: boy wonder, i love you