various artists

the history of northwest rock volume two
    - incl. the sonics: 'anyway the wind blows' (frank zappa)

1978 lp usa the great northwest music company gnw 4008

= compilation album

side one

  1. paul revere & the raiders: kicks
  2. paul revere & the raiders: night train
  3. don & the goodtimes: i could be so good to you
  4. the sonics: any way the wind blows  (frank zappa)
  5. the springfield rifle: will you love me tomorrow
  6. don & the goodtimes: blue turns to grey
  7. the bards: the owl & the pussycat

side two

  1. the sonics: you've got your head on backwards
  2. the kingsmen: j.a.j.
  3. dave lewis: little green thing
  4. the dimensions: she's the boss
  5. the new yorkers: mr. kirby
  6. ian whitcomb: you turn me on
  7. don & the goodtimes: the turn on song