various artists

electric monster rock show
    - incl. jean-luc ponty: 'idiot bastard son' (frank zappa)

1970 lp ger liberty lbs 83 423/24

jean-luc ponty: electric violin and baritone violectra

side one

  1. canned heat: going up the country

  2. johnny winter: tribute to mudy

  3. amon düül II: archangels thunderbird

side two

  1. big bertha: munich city

  2. improved sound: oedipus

  3. fantasy: happy

  4. the groundhogs: soldier

  5. don paulin: don't forget love

side three

  1. krokodil: tell me what you want

  2. aynsley dunbar retaliation: romin' and ramblin'

  3. jean-luc ponty: idiot bastard son  (frank zappa

  4. the can: soul desert

  5. floating bridge: brought up wrong

side four

  1. sugarloaf: green-eyed lady

  2. the petards: baby man

  3. jeremy steig: flute diddley

  4. doldinger's motherhood: degeneration