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various artists

paul buff presents the pal and original sound studio archives, vol.18
- feat.contributions by frank zappa

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    (2011, flash-drive, usa, crossfire publications) = the complete 35 album series, with bonus liner notes on pdf and 56 extra tracks

various tracks recorded by Paul Buff

  1. the hollywood persuaders: drums a-go-go (stereo mix)

  2. the tornadoes: bumble bee stomp

  3. paul buff: the girl i'd like to marry

  4. the buff organization: new theme

  5. the masters: come back my love (backing track)

  6. paul buff: organ 1

  7. the bongo teens: the happy surfer

  8. the buff organization: the square (mono mix)

  9. johnny fisher: dream tonight (first stereo mix)

  10. the masters: t bone (outtake 1 - stereo mix)

  11. paul buff: piano 4

  12. the music machine: masculine intuition

  13. the tornadoes: johnny b. goode

  14. paul buff: organ 3

  15. johnny barakat and the vestells: 5-4-3-2-1 surf!

  16. paul buff: betty jane (backing track with flute)

  17. the music machine: wrong

  18. birmingham sunday: mr. waters (the judge)

  19. hunger!: workshop (revised lp version - edit)

  20. frank zappa / steve allen: cyclophony (edit)

  21. the friendly torpedoes: nothing's too good for my car (intro insert)

  22. the buff organization: dance with the chickens

  23. sonny wilson: sonny wilson fragment

  24. paul buff: circus time again

  25. terri & the velveteens: i'm waiting (demo)

liner notes by Greg Russo

Welcome to Volume 18 of Paul Buff's 20-volume series of recordings from Pal Studios and Original Sound Studios! Pal Records was a record company run by his mother Olivia and stepfather Ward Allen. After Paul Buff was honorably discharged from the military, he finished putting together Pal Studios in December 1957. The studio costs were $12.50/hour for mono recording and $15/hour for stereo. Local musicians booked the studio to make recordings of their rehearsals and repertoire. When Pal Records wound itself down in mid-1959, Paul Buff created his first record label - Emmy. Other labels (Plaza, Yukon and Vigah!) would follow shortly thereafter. The music presented on this series was released on extremely rare records that would literally cost thousands if you can find them. In addition, there are many unreleased tracks spanning from 1960 to 1969. Paul Buff is now making them available again for everyone to appreciate.

We're underway with Paul Buff's classic drum showcase, "Drums A-Go-Go." This Hollywood Persuaders selection now appears in its original stereo mix. Besides surf tunes, The Tornadoes also covered other ground. This volume includes their unique versions of "Bumble Bee Stomp" (based on "The Flight Of The Bumble Bee") and Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode." Both were engineered by Frank Zappa. The Tornadoes were joined on these tracks by 15-year-old keyboard player Larry Flahive.

Paul Buff has lots of cameos this time around, from "The Girl I'd Like To Marry" to "Organ 1" to "Piano 4" to "Organ 3" to an alternate version of "Betty Jane" with flute to "Circus Time Again." All of these were not meant to be heard on their own, but it's surprising how they work in-between all the other song styles that are going on during this volume!

The Buff Organization's "New Theme" is a harpsichord-led extravaganza that is yet another standout track for Paul's 1967-1968 venture. The Masters are represented by the backing track of "Come Back My Love" and the first outtake version of "T Bone" in stereo. These two, and 30 other tracks, are on The Masters' album "Singles & Rarities."

The Bongo Teens' "The Happy Surfer" is the original stereo mix and is just as the title describes! Two other alternate mixes of songs released on other volumes include a mono vocal mix of The Buff Organization's "The Square" and the first stereo mix of Johnny Fisher's "Dream Tonight." Johnny Barakat chips in with his rough, energetic Pal session "5-4-3-2-1 Surf!".

We also have some brief pieces from The Friendly Torpedoes (the introductory piece of "Nothing's Too Good For My Car"), The Buff Organization ("Dance With The Chickens") and a fragment from Sonny Wilson's "Fall In Love With You" session.

Besides the Friendly Torpedoes fragment, Sean Bonniwell is also represented kicking and screaming two originals with The Music Machine: "Masculine Intuition" and "Wrong." Both tracks come from the band's lone Original Sound album. "Masculine Intuition" was the B-side of The Music Machine's single "The People In Me" (Volume 14), and we feature the stereo album mix with its full ending for the first time. "Wrong" turned up again as the flipside of The Music Machine's last Original Sound single "Hey Joe."

Birmingham Sunday's "Mr. Waters (The Judge)" was recorded for their All-American album "A Message From Birmingham Sunday" but was not released. As was usual for that label, a test pressing was created. The later Italian release of the album had numerous problems on this track. Other than some slight phasing in a couple spots towards the beginning, you will find that this presentation is considerably better. "Mr. Waters (The Judge)" proves that all the elements that made Birmingham Sunday unique are firmly in place.

"Workshop" by Hunger! is yet another highlight from their album "Strictly From Hunger!". The original album had a 4+ minute version with lots of edits and an abrupt ending, and the subsequent All-American test pressing had a complete, 7+ minute mix that was too much of a good thing. Here, we have a version which is just right. It contains the entire original version and the best parts that didn't make the cut of the original album. Plus, the ending is much better resolved. You'll also notice that the vocal and organ switch positions in the mix as it develops. This edit also has Ed King's sedate but effective guitar solo after the three-minute mark. As Paul Buff knows very well, a little pruning here and there can make a big difference in a song's impact. That's very true here.

Our first volume had the complete Frank Zappa interview with Steve Allen and their joint performance of his "Cyclophony" on his sister Candy's bicycle. If you just want to hear the live performance with studio extracts created at Pal, here it is!

Closing out this volume is a demo version of Terri And The Velveteens' "I'm Waiting." Just like their B-side "La Flor," this recording only exists on a beaten up acetate, but for historical purposes, it's gold!