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various artists

paul buff presents the pal and original sound studio archives, vol.10
- feat.contributions by frank zappa

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    (2011, flash-drive, usa, crossfire publications) = the complete 35 album series, with bonus liner notes on pdf and 56 extra tracks

various tracks recorded by Paul Buff

  1. the hollywood persuaders: (i can't get no) satisfaction

  2. johnny barakat & the vestells: jezebel

  3. the genteels: hitch hiker

  4. johnny fortune: chinese surfer (demo)

  5. indescribably delicious: brother, where are you

  6. fat daddy holmes: where yo is

  7. fat daddy holmes: chicken rock

  8. gene gray and the stingerays: surf bunny

  9. the hustlers: barefooted venture

  10. the tornadoes: moon dawg

  11. the truants: the truant

  12. the bongo teens: surfin' bongos

  13. the rotations: heavies

  14. baby ray and the ferns: the world's greatest sinner (frank zappa)

  15. bobby ray: ella marie

  16. the hustlers: hangin' five

  17. the friendly torpedoes: citizen fear (unequalized mix)

  18. phil freeman: wild child

  19. paul buff: piano 1

liner notes by Greg Russo:

Welcome to Volume 10 of Paul Buff's 20-volume series of recordings from Pal Studios and Original Sound Studios! Pal Records was a record company run by his mother Olivia and stepfather Ward Allen. After Paul Buff was honorably discharged from the military, he finished putting together Pal Studios in December 1957. The studio costs were $12.50/hour for mono recording and $15/hour for stereo. Local musicians booked the studio to make recordings of their rehearsals and repertoire. When Pal Records wound itself down in mid-1959, Paul Buff created his first record label - Emmy. Other labels (Plaza, Yukon and Vigah!) would follow shortly thereafter. The music presented on this series was released on extremely rare records that would literally cost thousands if you can find them. In addition, there are many unreleased tracks spanning from 1960 to 1969. Paul Buff is now making them available again for everyone to appreciate.

We're off to a strong start with The Hollywood Persuaders' version of the Stones classic "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction." It's one of the very few tracks that Paul Buff used other musicians on. Johnny Barakat & The Vestells' version of "Jezebel" has never been released, and who do you think sang the bass vocal? Yes, it's Sir F of Z!

"Hitch Hiker" was crafted by Paul Buff and George Babcock as the B-side of The Genteels' "Take It Off." It simmers very nicely. Next, we have another unreleased track - the demo of Johnny Fortune's "Chinese Surfer." Fans that have Johnny's 1963 album are familiar with the song, but this Pal demo was cut more than 21/2 years earlier! In fact, he didn't have a title for it at the time.

Oscar Brown, Jr.'s "Brother, Where Are You" was released by mistake as the B-side of the Big Brother Featuring Ernie Joseph single "E.S.P." on All-American. There were two different versions of "E.S.P.," so the mistake was made twice! The real artist on "Brother, Where Are You" was Indescribably Delicious.

Speaking of the All-American label, owner Bill Holmes did some recording in 1960 as Fat Daddy Holmes. His first record label was called Jet, and "Where Yo Is"/ "Chicken Rock" is a record that many collectors have searched for over the years. Actually, Holmes was only on "Where You Is," and guitarist Bill Bartlett played on the guitar solo piece "Chicken Rock." Five decades later, no one remembers why two different artists were involved! Regardless, the record is a minor classic.

James Eugene Hofford went to Pal Studios and recorded the single "Surf Bunny"/ "Surfer's Mood" in 1962. First released on Linda, it was soon licensed to Dot after regional success. Hofford called himself Gene Gray and his band was The Stingerays (that's not a typo!). "Surf Bunny" has been reissued many times due to fan demand, and here it is again!

Another surf single from Pal that is even harder to find is The Hustlers' "Barefooted Adventure"/ "Hangin' Five." The House Of Note music store released this record, which is super rare and costs hundreds. Paul Buff had a master tape of both sides, including an alternate version of the B-side. On this volume, you get both sides of the record - what a value! The unused version of "Hangin' Five" will appear later.

The Gamblers, featuring lead guitarist/writer Derry Weaver and future Mothers Of Invention rhythm guitarist Elliot Ingber, recorded the original version of "Moon Dawg." The Tornadoes turned in one of the very best cover versions ever done, and Frank Zappa engineered and unofficially produced the recording at Pal. "Moon Dawg" is considered a precursor of the surf sound.

While we're on a surf kick, The Truants' single "The Truant"/ "Sunset Surf" is also considered a surf essential. It was tracked at Pal in 1963 and was issued by the Rock-It label run by the late Bill Bellman. Lead guitarist Edward Rea (now a minister) wrote both sides and played brilliantly. Rhythm guitarist Dick Zeiner later switched to keyboards and played for two decades with former members of The Tornadoes in the Redlands, California-based group The Gross Prophet.

More surf is on the way! The Bongo Teens' "Surfin' Bongos" was Paul Buff, Dave Aerni and a long-forgotten bongo player, and note the sped-up guitar parts! Another one of Buff and Aerni's surf classics, this time as The Rotations, was "Heavies." "Heavies" was sampled by Frank Zappa at the beginning of side two on The Mothers Of Invention's album "We're Only In It For The Money."

Bobby Ray cut the track "Ella Marie" during the same sessions as his other tracks. You're hearing it for the first time. An unequalized mix of The Friendly Torpedoes' "Citizen Fear" is the last presentation of the track in this series. The vocal is a bit loud in spots, but the collector in you wants it!

Phil Freeman (born Phil Muehlberg) came into Pal Studios one day looking to make a record, and he did. Paul Buff released "Wild Child" as the fourth release on his Emmy label. It is another in-demand Emmy record, which are all hard to find. The B-side "Memory Lane" is so old-fashioned that we're saving it for one of two albums of "old school" tracks done at Pal between 1956 and 1960!

The last track is one of Paul Buff's brief song sketches on piano. To make things easier, we've numbered these sketches for you! This one is called "Piano 1." There are many more!