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paul buff presents the pal and original sound studio archives, vol.8

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    (2011, flash-drive, usa, crossfire publications) = the complete 35 album series, with bonus liner notes on pdf and 56 extra tracks

various tracks recorded by Paul Buff


  1. the pal studio band: smoky night

  2. mike dineri: stormy weather (take 2)

  3. rene & ray: i can't let you go

  4. jody reynolds: come on twist

  5. terri & the velveteens: you've broken my heart

  6. sonny wilson: fall in love with you

  7. the catalinas: gonna tell

  8. sonny wilson: squirrel cage (outtake/master)

  9. lori allison (allison buff): save your kisses

  10. the friendly torpedoes: nothing's too good for my car (single mix)

  11. the friendly torpedoes: so long ago (single mix)

  12. ricky dean: i'll never love another (stereo single mix)

  13. paul buff: you are the one i love

  14. the pal studio band: love of my life (original version)

  15. the buff organisation: too young (version 2)

  16. mr. clean: jessie lee

  17. giant crab: trust somebody

  18. paul buff: i found a love

liner notes by Greg Russo:

Welcome to Volume 8 of Paul Buff's 20-volume series of recordings from Pal Studios and Original Sound Studios! Pal Records was a record company run by his mother Olivia and stepfather Ward Allen. After Paul Buff was honorably discharged from the military, he finished putting together Pal Studios in December 1957. The studio costs were $12.50/hour for mono recording and $15/hour for stereo. Local musicians booked the studio to make recordings of their rehearsals and repertoire. When Pal Records wound itself down in mid-1959, Paul Buff created his first record label - Emmy. Other labels (Plaza, Yukon and Vigah!) would follow shortly thereafter. The music presented on this series was released on extremely rare records that would literally cost thousands if you can find them. In addition, there are many unreleased tracks spanning from 1960 to 1969. Paul Buff is now making them available again for everyone to appreciate.

We start out with an unissued track by The Pal Studio Band: "Smoky Night." No one remembers who played on it! Regardless, it's an excellent Pal instrumental that everyone should enjoy.

There's no question about who played on the next track! It's Mike Dineri with his second take of "Stormy Weather." Note the different sax solo at the end compared to the version on Volume 4. Rene & Ray's "I Can't Let You Go" was the B-side of their "Too Late" single for Donna in 1962.

Jody Reynolds' "Come On Twist" is a rockin' version of Jody's song that was clearly inspired by the recent success of Chubby Checker's "The Twist." Jody's track is one of his most compiled songs, and this series is no exception!

Terri Bonilla's "You've Broken My Heart" is one of the best tracks that she did with The Velveteens. As with the A-side "Bells Of Love" (Volume 7), it is highly in demand by collectors of East L.A. music.

Sonny Wilson is represented by a pair of unreleased tracks - "Fall In Love With You" and "Squirrel Cage." Both are different than the Elvis-inspired material that he is known for. As an added bonus, the first (breakdown) take of "Squirrel Cage" is included before the final version.

The Catalinas released "Gonna Tell" as the Original Sound B-side of "Your Tender Lips." Unlike the A-side, "Gonna Tell" features Allison Buff in the lead with Paul doing the bridge. Allison Buff is also on this volume as Lori Allison for the B-side "Save Your Kisses." It was the 1964 flip of "Going Out Of My Mind," and the full session has been included.

When Paul Buff worked with (Thomas) Sean Bonniwell after the breakup of The Music Machine, no one knew how it was going to turn out. This series has three mixes of "Citizen Fear," but only one single resulted from their pairing. Buff and Bonniwell were called The Friendly Torpedoes and recorded the single "Nothing's Too Good For My Car"/ "So Long Ago" in late 1969 for release on Original Sound the next year. Completely different than Bonniwell's garage rock style, the single explored different aspects of Sean and Paul's abilities. The single mixes of both sides are included on this volume. The A-side covered a guy's love for outfitting his car, while the other side dealt with Bonniwell's semi-autobiographical story to date.

"I'll Never Love Another" was the other side of Ricky Dean's "Flowers" single for Original Sound. Ricky wrote the tune, and unusually for the record label, it was a stereo single release. Note Allison Buff's Mamas & The Papas-styled backing vocals! Paul Buff's "You Are The One I Love" is a little cameo recorded in stereo, unlike most of his song drafts.

Now we're talking - the original Ray Collins-sung Pal Studio Band version of Frank Zappa's "Love Of My Life." We've heard Ron Roman's version on an early volume, but this is the real deal with the original lyrics.  

The second version of The Buff Organization's "Too Young" follows. It has a different arrangement and backing track than the first version, so you can choose which one you like better! Mr. Clean's "Jessie Lee" (written by Zappa) is right on its heels. Most FZ fans already know about this one.

While at Original Sound, Paul Buff recorded all of the acts that appeared on Bill Holmes' All-American label. One of these acts, Big Brother Featuring Ernie Joseph, was known as Giant Crab and also as Durango when they recorded for Uni. For their second album "Cool It - Helios," Giant Crab recorded the Scott English/ Mark Barkan song "Trust Somebody." The entire session has been included. More from Ernie Joseph and the guys later!

It's closing time, and Paul Buff's quickie "I Found A Love" will carry us on to the next volume!