various artists

a fair forgery of pink floyd
    - feat. mike keneally

2003 2cd usa ??


disc one

  1. tom freund: fearless

  2. sally semrad: wish you were here

  3. yortoise: money

  4. graham parker: comfortably numb

  5. james combs: see emily play

  6. quetzal: mother

  7. 50 cent haircut: breath

  8. john law: young lust

  9. kelsey wood: time

  10. ira: have a cigar

  11. harvette: bike

  12. big lee: another brick in the mason's wall

  13. courtney fairchild: nobody home

  14. jimmy caprio: paintbox

  15. billion stars: lucifer sam

  16. dave chapple: san tropez

  17. becca & pierre: childhood's end

disc two

  1. shark & the smoke: high hopes
  2. mike keneally band: astronomy domine
  3. samarin, morgan, & hull: corporal clegg
  4. brook claman: let there be more light
  5. tortfeasor: pigs on the wing
  6. which one's pink?: dogs
  7. numira: sheep
  8. shaun guerin: in the flesh
  9. s.a.m.: hey you
  10. tim myer: goodbye blue sky
  11. which one's pink?: what shall we do now
  12. tbl feat. stevie z.: is there anybody out there?
  13. north green: not now john
  14. rat bat blue: "5 minute version" of the wall