various artists

30th anniversary celebration album
    - incl. omnibus wind ensemble: 'sinister footwear, 2nd movement' (f.zappa)

2007 xrcd24 japan opus 3 / jvc victor company mxcd 99302

xrcd-24 bit super analog release

  1. don't ever let nobody drag your spirits down
    from: eric bibb,  "good stuff"

  2. harvest song
    from: peder af ugglas, "autumn shuffle"

  3. dreamsville
    from: maria winther, "dreamsville"

  4. cliffhanger 
    from: east, "pathfinder"

  5. crazy rythm
    from: kjell öhman  "the hammond connection" feat. arne domnérus. as.

  6. sweet georgie fame
    from: lars erstrand, "two sides of lars erstrand"

  7. 'tain't nobodys bizeness if i do
    from: tomas örnbergs "blue five" ,
    feat. kenny davern. cl.

  8. out of nowhere
    from: benny waters "live at the pawnshop"

  9. pathfinder
    from: east, "pathfinder"

  10. sinister footwear, 2nd movement  (frank zappa)
    from: omnibus wind ensemble : "music by frank zappa

  11. when i feel the sea beneath my soul
    from: tiny island 

  12. larghetto in c minor  (domenico cimarosa 1749-1801)
    from: stockholm guitar quartet "bach-telemann"

  13. jul, jul, strålande jul (christmas, radiant christmas)
    from: the erik westberg vocal ensemble "a star is shining"

  14. air  (johann sebastian bach 1685-1750)
    from: mattias wager "organttreasures"

  15. aurora borealis
    from: global percussion network "rauk"