various artists

156 strings
    - feat. henry kaiser, mike keneally

2002 cd usa cuneiform rune 163

package design by david greenberger

compiled by henry kaiser

  1. gyan riley: eyes of orion

  2. michael gulezian: excerpt from "plook the asbestos lobster"

  3. raoul björkenheim: lullaby heart away

  4. richard thompson: how does your garden grow

  5. fred frith: access

  6. u tin: ah chit yeh

  7. peter lang: two steps forward, one step back

  8. henry kaiser: getting to fifth base

  9. jean-paul bourelly: pulse and remembrance

  10. janet feder: lightning strikes

  11. richard leo johnson: hazard pay

  12. duck baker: juxta pose

  13. rod poole: kaledoscopic sunday

  14. mike keneally: thou shalt not kill

  15. nels cline: runaway

  16. scott mcgill: st. kevin at glendalough

  17. miroslav tadic: yelek

  18. shawn persinger and prester john: an extra dollar

  19. steffen basho-junghans: part 1 from the virgin orchestra no. 1