steve vai

stillness in motion

2015 2cd eu sony legacy 88875057512

concert footage filmed at club nokia in los angeles on october 12, 2012

steve vai: guitar, vocals & esoteric meanderings
jeremy colson: drums, vocals & strap-on beast
philip bynoe: bass, vocals & twinkel toes
dave weiner: guitar, vocals, keyboards & riff of the week
deborah henson-conant: electric harp, vocals & more strings than steve
beverly mcclellan: vocals on 'john the reveleator' & all-around badass greatness
nicole & christin cohen (the glorious redheads): song sculpting on 'build me a song l.a.'

produced by steve vai

disc one

  1. intro / racing the world
  2. velorum
  3. band intros
  4. building the church
  5. tender surrender
  6. gravity storm
  7. weeping china doll
  8. john the revelator
  9. the moon and i
  10. the animal
  11. whispering a prayer

disc two

  1. the audience is listening
  2. rescue me or bury me
  3. sisters
  4. treasure island
  5. salamanders in the sun
  6. pusa road
  7. frank
  8. the ultra zone (cd version)
  9. build me a song l.a.
  10. for the love of god
  11. taurus bulba