cover of the download album

(2010, cd, usa, favored nations fn2640-2)

steve vai

where the other wild things are

2009 download usa light without heat / favored nations

bonus album with the pre-order of "where the wild things are"

    (2010, cd, usa, favored nations fn2640-2) - with different cover

live at the state theatre, minneapolis, mn, september 19, 2007

steve vai: guitar
alex depue: electric violin & keyboards
bryan beller: bass
jeremy colson: drums
dave weiner: guitar, electric sitar
ann marie calhoun: violin

produced by steve vai

  1. the crying machine

  2. the audience is listening

  3. the murder

  4. juice

  5. whispering a prayer

  6. apples in paradise

  7. i'm becoming

  8. beastly rap

  9. earthquake sky

  10. liberty

  11. answers

  12. for the love of god