university of utah jazz ensemble

jazz '76
    - incl. 'chunga's revenge' (frank zappa)

1976 lp usa scp-76-lp

recorded april 6, 1976 at music central, salt lake city, utah

the university of utah jazz ensemble
henry wolking: director

scott harris: woodwinds
hal cannon: woodwinds
john paulson: woodwinds
richard babcock: woodwinds
dave asmin: woodwinds
brent rider: trombone
derl sanderson: trombone
dave nobles: trombone
roger young: trombone
kent nelson: trombone
john denver: trumpet
mark chamberlain: trumpet
bob gispanski: trumpet
mike booth: trumpet
vince sullivan: trumpet
merrill smith: piano
richard lane: piano
sherm tate: bass
mark lignell: drums
steve flygare: guitar
tony frates: vibes

side one

  1. king terpor stomp  (henry wolking)

  2. chunga's revenge  (frank zappa)  --  arranged by joe boerst

  3. lady  (brent rider)

side two

  1. gergeous george  (henry wolking)

  2. cannonball adderley memorial bar-b-cue  (henry wolking)

  3. fun time  (sammy nestico)