In 1994, U.N.K.L.E. released a Sun Ra tribute album.
In 1998, U.N.K.L.E. used a sample of Frank Zappa's 'Apostrophe' in 'Guns Blazing (Drums of Death Pt. 1) 'The Knock (Drums of Death Pt. 2)' on his "Psyence Fiction" album. Cuts and scratches for both tracks were delivered by DJ Shadow.

Unkle Sounds is unkle's live and dj-project, releasing dj mixes.



  u.n.k.l.e.: the time has come - a tribute to sun ra
    (1994, cdep, usa, mo wax)

uncle_timehascome_ep.jpg (35391 bytes)

  u.n.k.l.e.: psyence fiction
    (1998, cd, usa, mowax / london 314 540-970-2) - incl. zappa sample

unkle_pseyncefiction.jpg (103628 bytes)

  u.n.k.l.e.: psyence fiction (sneak preview)
    (1998, 12", usa, mowax ) - incl. zappa sample
  u.n.k.l.e.: psyence fiction
    (1998, cd, japan, toy's factory) = limited edition, oversized fold-out cover / incl. zappa sample
  u.n.k.l.e.: psyence fiction
    (1998, cd , japan, toy's factory) - incl. zappa sample
  u.n.k.l.e.: electronic connection
    (2003, cd, russia, in-digital) - incl. zappa sample
  unkle sounds: ww III - unkle vs unkle
    (2004, 2cd, uk, unkle sounds) - incl. zappa samples




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