unholy swill

legacy of stupidity
    - incl. willie the pimp  (frank zappa)

2005 cd usa noiseville

compilation, except for tracks 16-22: recorded live at unholy swill's last show at the rockin rex record store in yonkers, ny

jim gibson
warren 'captain creepo' keogh: vocals
tony pradlik: vocals, guitar
joey intervallo
rich mcloughlin
john franko

  1. wanna be god
  2. where's that damn cat
  3. tapeworm in my head
  4. basketcase
  5. no generation
  6. hellgoat
  7. bad yams
  8. santan will be santa
  9. shoot my boss
  10. we're truck drivers
  11. war pigs
  12. balch away the boogieman
  13. white trash king
  14. my dog ain't got no legs
  15. bloodbath
  16. the crusher
  17. jefferson's theme
  18. why don't we do it / yer blues
  19. willie the pimp  (frank zappa)
  20. summertime blues
  21. wilhelmina blues
  22. red hot / move it on over
  23. emvos os dead