sebastian gramss / underkarl



1 sebastian gramss underkarl: 20th century jazz cover
    (1996, cd, ger, tcb)
underkarl_20thcentury.jpg (38189 bytes)
2 sebastian gramss underkarl: jazzessence
    (1999, cd, ger, tcb records / the montreux jazz label)
underkarl_jazzessence.jpg (29816 bytes)
3 underkarl: maraton
    (2001, cd, private release) - incl. 'eat that question' (frank zappa)
4 sebastian gramss underkarl: second brain
   (2003, cd, ger, enja)
underkarl_secondbrain.jpg (22548 bytes)
5 sebastian gramss underkarl: freemix
   (2004, cd, austria, enja) = also known as "second brain revisited"
underkarl_freemix.jpg (25352 bytes)
6 sebastian gramss underkarl: goldberg
    (2007, cd, ger, enja)
underkarl_goldberg.jpg (25475 bytes)
7 underkarl: homo ludens
    (2012, cd, ger, rent a dog)
underkarl_homoludens.jpg (30908 bytes)
8 underkarl: timetunnel 25
    (2017, cd, ger, rent an dog)
underkarl_timetunnel25.jpg (20548 bytes)


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